Sunday, 13 January 2013

Julie Burchill's transparently transphobic article (copied and pasted from CiF)

***PLEASE NOTE - I DID NOT WRITE THIS!!!*** This is an article copy and pasted from Guardian's Comment is Free, written by Julie Burchill.

I've no idea the legality of this, and if it's not allowed, the Guardian need only ask me, and I'll take it down. Meanwhile, want to be able to link to this article without getting people to have to link through/make money for the Guardian when they read it.

To contact Burchill or the Guardian see e-mails below, helpfully provided by @rainydaykate

"you can reach Burchill at (from her website) if you want to give her a piece of your mind"
" is U.S. blogs editor, editor of that blog is at "

Transsexuals should cut it out

 never a good idea for those who feel oppressed to start bullying others in turn

Suzanne Moore.
Suzanne Moore, victim of the trans lobby. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian