Thursday, 5 April 2012

not a NaPoWriMo one

i wrote this a few weeks ago - sharing it now inspired by the amazing Belinda Zhawi
thanks to r and jr and mia for critiquing
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quote is from amir sulaiman, and feel of the content stemmed from warsan shire's 'for women who are 'difficult' to love'
- - - - - - -

"so much love, sometimes it feels impossible
so much love sometimes it makes me hostile"

i never learnt how to love carefully
how to ensure no-one gets hurt
was never taught there need be no scars
for it to be real

there will be bloodshed
here, as you rip the heart from my chest to verify feelings
tired tendons distended from near-bursting beating at your presence
chambers echoing with cries, sometimes joy, sometimes anguish
breast battened for fear of the storms to come, predictable fury

and you bear your own scars
weary warrior worn by our love
wearing it well, though the battle wore you down
we are lovers and are fighters
lips battered, bitten, bruised as we exchanged already broken promises
your back scored, red tinged passion, necessary pain

there is no going gentle into this good night
we rage, even as our love burns, consumes us
collide in our clumsy attempts to comfort
broken and bloodied by our eager embraces
our only salvation before the dying comes about
holding for time enough to allow the tempest to pass
long enough for acceptance to replace ardor, some semblance of sanity
before the inevitability of letting go

11/03/12 - M.A. N. mosque

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