Sunday, 29 April 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 Day 28

it's this:
kitchen until 2am
three nights in a row
fish - scale, season, batter, fry
chicken - clean, season, boil, roast
wash starch from rice until water runs clear
6 cans of plum tomatoes
9 onions
5 ata rodo, 6 ata inla
blending as the sparks fly
transform white to jollof
and a little fried for those who don't do spice

it's this:
10pm trip to 24 hour stores
for forgotten eggs
& lemons
11pm - mixing begun
a couple of recipes and a little improvised
dozing on the sofa until oven bell pings
icing pump quest spanning 4 shops
2.5kg icing sugar
but still needing 2 packs of ready-made
squeezing out patterns
bursting new pump

it's this:
too many and too much
for one back seat to take
bags between legs on laps
in arms under foot
tucked in seat belts (just this once);
12 souls one car
60 miles here 60 miles back;
cyclling there - rain drenched
cycling home again - retrieving forgotten
cycling there - rain drenched
cycling home again - sleep

it's this:
3 flights
3 flights
(3 flights!)
over and over
puffing, laden
chairs, cans, coolers, cake

it's this:
who can keep quiet the longest
you get chocolate
(i have no chocolate
someone get me chocolate)
is that them?
everyone out here
they're ringing
3 flights
they're coming
2 flights
everyone here - they're coming
1 flight - camera
ready when she

1 comment:

  1. LOVE IT! Such happiness! Oh I would grin wider, but my face won't allow it. Luuuuuurve the pace, the flow, the imagery. I was THERE, Wasi. Brilliant. (wish I could smile wider. this piece needs a wider smile!) ♥