Sunday, 22 April 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 Day 22

today has been a day
for tears
just beneath the surface
at times bubbling over
when they don't know
what else to do 
with themselves
never were taught
to bear the pressure
be patient
to contain themselves
wait at least until
a more appropriate time
instead they jostle with each other
to be first to emerge
win the downward race
making their own tracks

it's been a day
for missing
for diving into the mundane
hoping mindless industry
will somehow distract
dilute a pain that already
is tiresome
with its predictability
in its insistence
refuses to take the hint
lays low as i try to transform
housework into healing
makes its presence known
at inconvenient moments
whispers reminders
under vacuum's drone
reflects on shining surfaces

the day has been one
for carrying on
wailing or silent weary but
carrying on
deliberate distractions
or genuine dismissal
ignoring or unaware
carrying on
and if i keep to this
for long enough
carrying on
then perhaps 
it will come true
carrying on
and every other 
waking moment
carrying on
won't be spent 
avoiding thoughts of you
carrying on
every other 
waking moment
carrying on
won't be wasted
on working quite so hard at
carrying on

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