Monday, 2 April 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 day 2

Ugh - not finished... but obsessiveness deems i must post what i have before midnight.... it may still be a bit of a pumpkin though...

- - - - -

shall I tell you how you have changed my life?
taken away my words, reduced me to a walking embodiment
of every cliché ever to exist?
how the nights are too long now when you are not near
how knowing you has made the days brighter
(when they finally appear)
how i count each minute that we're apart
and as such get nothing else done, which may be good
for my heart, but does little for my employability
that's ok though, given that nothing matters but you
you being all that i need, food, drink and shelter are dispensable

shall I reveal how i knew you were the one from the start
how in fact i always knew, because before you there was no start
or at least, since you, given you are always on my mind
there is no space for recalling anything that may have come before
there is no before, after all, i've always felt this way

the thing is, though, always is such a long while
and though i agree your smile goes a way to battle misery
it'd really have to be some kind of wonderful for just that to be enough
for me - i need something a little more

so can't i just like you a lot, but maybe not excessively?
agree there's somewhere between all or nothing, and obsession
isn't key (necessarily), because pining gets tiring - i mean really, have you tried it?
i want to lose weight, but not on this love-struck diet
not that i deny it's sometimes kind of cool to spend hours
daydreaming, revelling in fantasies
truth be told, they get a bit… samey
(sorry - sometimes i'm just not that creative)

so, if it's ok by you, let's just skip the honeymooney bit
i was never so great at simpering, and perfection doesn't fit you
quite as well as when you snort laughter loud
or even when you yell, unintelligibly, about the guy ('idiot')
whose service was substandard
or how we argue when you forget to show up at the time or place we planned...

i understand - it's all part of the charm, or all in the game
i think
whatever - it's enough, i'll take it for now
hoping maybe now will stretch to always
and even if it doesn't, maybe we can just stick anyways
and remember the better bits on badder days
and if that's not enough, then i'll have to resort
to telling you how you changed my life


  1. This is beautiful. I love it. It made me smile, often x

  2. Thank you - that makes it worth it xxxx

  3. I smiled at some lines. Half-smiled at others. *hugs*