Friday, 13 April 2012

Napowrimo 2012 Day 13

Ice-cream - 52 flavours
Melting outside castle walls
Ninja fairies - dodgy outfits
Stars and wands and cowboy boots

Roof-topped market
Garlic bread
Ten-foot tuna mayo baguette
Break to eat

Town hall wedding
Vintage bus
Teal (or turquoise) overload
Cheeky driver, congrats kiss
Dragon lording
Strewn confetti lawn display

Vaulted ceilings
Bug filled drawers
Mosaic sonic
Mammoths not walruses
Dinosaur skulls
Crumbling jaws
Welsh plabets mime

'Never shown this to anyone before
it's my best friend'

Eat again
All you can
Home to dance
Then hit the surf

Dora rules - valé?

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