Monday, 7 November 2011

Dr Nawal Al Saadawi at Occupy LSX - videos

Here are the videos of Nawal Al Saadawi at the Occupy LSX camp a couple of weeks ago.  There are a couple of interviews, and a few clips of Dr Nawal talking to the camp.  It was a brilliant, inspiring occassion, and I just wish I'd got the videos out sooner.

First interview - "I feel I am in Tahrir Square - I feel we are in one world - I feel this is a global revolution...We have the same goal"

Second interview, with the Guardian - "we have to be one, we have to be one"

"Tahrir Square everywhere!"

Slightly circular discussion with a tourist - 'election can be a deception - we have to decide when the election can come... we, the revolution"

Address to the camp on the steps of St Paul's - "the struggle is global ... we live in one world...we are together...we have to fight world"

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