Saturday, 26 November 2011

day 6 in nigeria - sunday

day started well - best sleep since i've been here (am i obsessed with sleep?) - perhaps linked to the fact that, though i slept on a mat on the floor, it was in a room on my own, that didn't depend on a fan to not be stiflingly hot.  i recommend these conditions, with a comfortable bed seemingly an optional extra.

very long car journey + hottest day since i've arrived = queasy lack of appreciation of the passing scenery.  which was a shame, as there was a fair bit to observe - houses on stilts, with access via wooden pathways, reminding me of crazy gym at school; hills covered in a network of troughs, goats lined up around each, waiting to be sold; the market places with their inescapable smell of freshly peeled oranges, the sight of tomatoes stacked in formation, and the sounds - bus drivers picking up passengers, calling out their destinations ('oshodi, oshodi, oshodi, o' 'mile 12' 'ketu'), hawkers offering 'gala', 'pure water', and various other food stuffs, as well as handkerchiefs, newspapers, and all sorts, running to keep abreast of the cars, the proper definition of drive throughs.

the house in lagos road welcomed us back, but i missed alagbado - surprisingly, as i'd been almost reluctant to go beforehand (the journey, not knowing anyone out there, not realising we were going to an almost fully functional place).

the evening brought a visit from our regular tailor, who measured me up, and took a load of material that should come back on friday as a few tops and a new dress - beats clothes shopping hands down.  it also brought my uncle, on a quest best left undiscussed, but which has left me reflecting on autonomy and independence of actions, on the balance between compromise and self-interest. (this is perhaps a little more eloquent than actual fact - in reality, it left me fuming, but, such is my life when it comes to relatives and this m question).

i'm off to bed now, hoping our lack of insect spray tonight won't result in too many interesting itchy bumps by the morning.  looking forward to hopefully getting out a bit more over the next 5 days, seeing a little more before it's time to head back to the ordinary.

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