Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photoessay - occupyLSX

I recognise that recording guy from other protests (and is that Toby Anstis next to him...)

A number of great banners...

People sit and sup coffee in the midst of protestors

A biblical reminder...

Police block all entrances to Paternoster Square

A protestor tells the police what's what, with the crowd chanting 'join us!'...

...they don't seem bothered.

Legal notice from Paternoster Square (?)

Beautifully calm protestor facing line of police

I guess they just couldn't look her in the eye

The kettling started early in the day

External communications

This guy was a parody of a Fox News reporter - so brilliant - I initially was sucked in

Families with young children were out, and some camped later

The first general assembly

Someone else taken in by the Fox News pretenders

Some more banners

Holy in agreement

BBC reporter - talking to calm, rational people - I hear that's not how things were reported. idiot.

Our working group on process

Member of Wisdom In Nature makes a contribution

Crowd in agreement (aka jazz hands)

Note the police lines closing in...

Information Point sets up... (left hand corner of the front of the cathedral)

Police with riot gear charge in

They don't care...

And just to add a little more of an edge, attack dogs...

Police line the perimeter

Yet, despite this, the crowd remain in good spirits

Bizarrest sight of the day - across the road, someone watches Strictly Ballroom on a giant screen

Looking in from outside - police keeping out people who want to protest

Parting shot


  1. Hi Juan-Carlos. Thank *you* - for coming over to have a look, and commenting, but also for being the inspiration for me to put together photo diaries of each of my trips to the camp.