Monday, 17 October 2011

occupy LSX - day 2 - photos - donation drop-off

I went down to the camp tonight with my brother and a friend, with a few things to donate.  My Mum really took it to heart when I asked for stuff, and gave me a load of her jumpers to take down.  My brother too.  We took blankets, quilts and some candles and water.  But the thing that seemed to cause the most delight was a little torch, decorated as a tiger, that is generated by pumping a handle.  The guys in the donation tent seemed to be quite happy with that.

The feel in the camp (we arrived at about 10pm or so) was calm, quiet and chilled.  Groups of people gathered on the cathedral steps, behind the city of tents, and in others spaces.  What sounded like bhodrans were played softly somewhere, and even the police in front of paternoster square seemed relatively chilled.

Once again, sad to leave, but looking forward to going back.

To find out what you can take to help, check here.

Meanwhile, A few more photos.


  1. Thank you, Wasi, for your straightforward account and stunning photographs, both of which portray an atmosphere of dignified humility. I feel a close connection with so many others today, while witnessing events that reflect the very best in human kindness and integrity.

    With hope for a fairer future for all,

  2. Hi Marcus. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. That close connection you mention is something I feel regularly at demonstrations, but this occupy movement has taken it to a new level. And yes - these events really do make me hopeful. Here's hoping they continue to grow, connect, and have a real impact.