Friday, 21 October 2011

occupy LSX - day 6 - photos - Solidarity, harmony

Few words today, as I am falling down tired.  Realised that my enthusiasm and need to get to the camp every day, and determination to blog every night is meaning even less sleep than I usually get.  Still, probably more sleep (and definitely more comfortable) than those sleeping out on the cobbles, with just a a few pieces of canvas and zotefoam (new word, learnt tonight - thanks AG) as a pretence at shelter.

Tonight at camp, the projector showed pictures of occupy groups around the world.  I was open-mouth stunned at the sea of people in so many of the places shown.  The solidarity of this movement is such an important element - feeling, seeing, knowing it is not just us, we are not alone in this struggle, in these feelings of discontentment.  This is truly a global movement, and I hope it is true that it is 'too big to fail'.

Over by the sukkah, a Jewish service was held for the festival of succot (please, please correct me if I have this detail wrong!).  Congregants invited all to join, as they sang (beautifully harmonious somehow, even with people singing at various speeds) and read from the Torah.  It was good humoured, warm and inviting, and attracted a small crowd.

I had the most amazing cheese sandwich by the way - just two slices of some absolutely unbelievably tasty garlic bread with chunky slices of cheese.  It took about twenty minutes to eat, as I kept stopping to take photos, and chat to friends, but all the way to the Blackfriars Bridge busstop I kept bring it back up to my friend..."that really was an amazing cheese sandwich". I obviously need to get out more.

And as we left camp, tonight's prolonged general assembly were discussing the contentious issue of whether or not to implement a ban on alcohol and drugs on the site.  As we left, the discussion was still in full swing, but a few tweets seem to indicate a ban has been agreed, in the interest of the safety of all at the camp (again, if anyone knows better, please do correct me on this).

Finally, looking across the swell of tents, as I do each evening, noting changes and growth, it was clear to see the city grid structure had been successfully put into places.  Walkways run through blocks of tents, adding to the order already apparent in many areas of the camp.  Wishing all in those tents (whatever city, country or continent) a peaceful night's rest.

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