Wednesday, 19 October 2011

occupy LSX - day 4 - photos - signs

Only ended up being able to spend a v brief time at occupy lsx this evening.  While there, though, I was struck by the number of visitors it seems to be receiving.  Tourists streamed through, taking photos, marvelling at the efficiency of something that apparently is just 'a bunch of benefit scroungers'... Hmmmm.  Well, if that's the level of organisation, cooperation and true democracy that results from benefit scrounger, maybe we need a few more in power... oh wait, maybe that's what the expenses scandal was all about...

A man asked another to film him beneath the 'Tahrir Square' sign, as he spoke in Arabic about what was happening around him.  A group of German high school students were led through, and an American couple were shown around, commenting on how great it was that the camp got the backing of the church.

As usual (is it already 'usual'? I guess it is), walking round, I encountered a number of meetings, talks and people chatting - about the financial system, about activism, about how to make their tent stay up.

A group of Jewish visitors and campers (including the storyteller, Rachel Rose Reid) struggled against the wind to put up a sukkah.  There are hopes to hold an event on Thursday to coincide with the Jewish festival.

Chatting to a friend who I took along, we noted the fantastic symbolism of the camp - the juxtaposition of the tent village - simple, ever-growing, basic but effective, laid out next to the majestic and rich buildings of Paternoster Square.  A brilliant distillation of a few of the problems that the occupy movement exists to eradicate.  I'd like to believe that's not wishful thinking.  The dedication of all involved, and the increasing media attention makes me think perhaps it is not.

Tech tent

 The recycling system

Media coverage

Library talk


  1. Hello again, Wasi, and thanks for your warm reply to my earlier comment. I am going to make it a habit, I think, to unwind before sleep by looking at your photos!

    I have friends camping or visiting regularly and will be there on Sunday to offer a few hours of help in whatever way I can. I want to talk to some of the clever IT geeks about 'Global Bucket': a small idea I've had for setting up an Occupy alternative non-profit 'bank' to show those who work nearby that the people can run a system just as well as they can, but with an important difference: any profits go those to those in need not those driven by greed. More here:

    I love the story of your Mum's hat!

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Thank *you* for reading, and writing comments that can only be met with a warm response! Glad my photos are serving a positive purpose.

    Funnily, someone tweeted earlier a question about what sort of banking system could be used by this movement, so I've no doubt they'd be more than happy to hear your ideas. I hope to be in attendance on Sunday, but am also helping at a car boot sale, and hoping to attend a poetry and workshop event, "this is not a riot". But if we somehow coincide, it will be good to meet you.

  3. ps - i always mean to comment on your blogs, but often read them on my phone, from which i cannot. still plan to, though.