Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Occupy LSX - day 3 - photos - free love and true grit

Just a quickish one tonight.

I ended up going down to the camp not once but twice tonight.  I had the idea to take down, from all the things on the camp's needed list, sand.  Well, grit, if you want to be technical.  I got there to be told that there'd been a call for sand just a few minutes back.  Lots of questions about where I'd got it and wonderings if I could get any more gave me the idea of going back.  So I did.  Dragged my brother out of the house at about 11.00, and headed down with even more of the stuff. All gratefully received.

At the camp this evening, I was bemused once again by how much things had grown since I was there the day before.  The camp has a library now, and while I was there, a talk was being given outside it by Hamish Watson on 'Eternal Revolution - the dialectic of universal history'.  The field kitchen is now rather massive, and while I was there, I witnessed the arrival of the Info Point's new gazebo, fully formed and seeming to float through the sea of tents (it is 3.38, and I am feeling somewhat fanciful).

Evident also tonight was a feeling of celebration - a sound system pumped out Lowkey's Soundtrack to the Struggle, surrounded by a small crowd, singing and dancing, and to the back of the camp, a band of guitars, trumpets, even sax, sat together, jamming and entertaining a growing crowd.

Amidst all this, neighbours chatted, and I was invited to stay over.  Maybe another night.

And then there was the beautiful coincidence.  Leaving the camp, i was approached by two women offering free hugs.  I shrugged, smiled, and accepted.  As the second woman stepped back, I noticed she was wearing a pink hoodie.  I think I may possibly have hooted in excitement when I recognised it as the one my Mum had donated the day before.  My Mum now has an express invitation to come down and meet its new owner.

So, a few photos from tonight.

Crowd listening to Hamish Watson's talk outsde the library

"Free free - Palestine!"

Even the police seemed to betaking it easy... I saw groups of them laughing

and some chatting to campers.

The newly massive field kitchen tent

and the 'floating' info point gazebo.

"beyond this line is occupied space. please come join us"

'capitalism is...' tourists taking photos in front of the camp.

Thebeautiful coincidence - "bring your Mum down, and I will hug her"

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