Saturday, 29 October 2011

catching up - Occupy LSX and Occupy FS (others to follow)

the past week seems to have zoomed by faster than the speed of neutrinos on uppers!  i wish this analogy could be applied to me also, but unfortunately, I seemed to have compensated by sinking into a go-slow, overloaded with:
- work-work (i leave my current job in a week, and there suddenly seem to be way too many loose-ends that need securing), 

-home-work (visitors from liverpool; a naming ceremony; packing to go to nigeria, and more importantly, getting my mum off yesterday morning...we arrived at the airport at 5.40am...i dozed my way through work), 

and life-work (um, well, i say 'work' - tweeting, readingarticles, being in touch with friends and going to see John Osborne's brilliant 'John Peel's Shed' have hardly been taxing - they just take time).

my eager blogging of the week before has fallen by the way side this week, but maybe in part because there's been so much going on, it's been a bit much fitting in the part where i sit down and relate bits of it.  rather than squeeze it all into one giant blog, though, i'll do a few blogs with photos of stand out bits.  so yes, click on to the next.

for a quicker catch up, though, you can just check out my flickr photostream:

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