Tuesday, 13 September 2011

East Africa - appealing

For weeks, I've wanted to write about the crisis in East Africa, mainly in Somalia.  And each time, something has pulled me back - I get overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge, or the enormity of the issue, or the idea that me (some random who writes random inanities about cinemas disappearing and sometimes gets too upset by the world to watch the news) could have anything worthwhile to say on the matter.

But I realise those are all just procrastinatory tactics.  Yes, I'm frightened I'll say something stupid, but since when did that ever stop me before..?!

And anyways, all I want to do is put the same stuff out there that many have already, just to spread that info, and maybe if even just one more person knows a little more about what is happening, and one more person pledges of donates or passes on that knowledge to others, then it's not in vain.

The following I've stolen directly from a friend's blog, Zayna Daze:

Horn of Africa Crisis: By the Numbers. InfoGraphic by Rich Clabaugh/ Monitor staff

A lot of hard facts to deal with I know.  And it may make it feel that there's very little we can actually do about it.  But then, very little is way better than nothing at all.

As Zayna suggests, some of the things you could do:

- read about it - in the news, on blogs, anywhere you can find decent info
- pass it on - share this information with others online via twitter, facebook, tumblr or whatever happens to be your social networking weapon of choice
- talk about it - bring it up with friends, with colleagues, even strangers, if you're that way inclined.  beats talking about the weather
- donate - find whichever charity you're happy with donating through. whether it's one-off or a regular thing - again remember, every little helps ("£0.50/$1.00 = 4 Full meals")

some charities with appeals:

And just finally, two things: 
-an article about how the causes of this famine are not just the drought:

- an awe-some heart-hitting poem by Amir Sulaiman - Somalia: nevermind:

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