Wednesday, 3 August 2011

missing, inaction

despite the flux of old blogs from my old facebook account

i realised that i haven't actually written anything in a long while.  kind of been missing in action...

you'd be forgiven for thinking i've just been sitting around with my feet up

actually, i've just retreated a little from the virtual world

i have been doing a fair bit of stuff, though...
my niece and i started a whole nursery of seedlings on our balcony - that deserves  blog of its own.

i've been taking a lot of photos and expanding my stash of camera bits

the other day i actually referred to myself as a 'freelance photographer' - more in jest than anything else, really, though, just mimicking what a friend had just described me as.  not quite there yet.

i've discovered new places 

made first visits

and had brilliant times learning from new friends

developing friendships is one of  the things i've had a lot of time for other the past few months.  so whether it's been in libraries

in parks

in restaurants

or even underground

i have spent more time doing things i love

with people i love

it hasn't all been sunshine and smiles, though

there've been times where i've just felt lost

and confused

where my whole life seems to just be one big mess

and everything's going too fast

other times i've just found myself so angry about different things happening - in the uk and further afield

but frustratingly, equally incompetent to make real change, so that, even as i rise up and take what little action i can, it all sometimes seems so pointless. it just feels like everything is just out of reach, like any power i have to change things has slowly faded

maybe the only way is to accept that things change - and sometimes i can affect them directly

and sometimes i can't

and all i have is the time i have

to keep believing that there will always be reason for hope


  1. This is an 'I wanna hug Wasi' moment! I loved this post.

  2. Beautiful. Your own photography?

    Liking you and what you do. Ramadan cream and barakallah fikum.

  3. Wonderful story you've shared with us. Ramadan Mubarak big sis x

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting, y'all - Ramadan creams to you all! xxx
    r - i wanna hug you too - let's make it happen soon!
    z - yes, all mine :0) you know how i feel about you and what you do.
    zd - ramadan mubarak, lil sis - come round for iftar?