Wednesday, 10 August 2011

== down to the ground ==

"it's the mystery of iniquity
it's the history of iniquity
it's the misery of iniquity
and i'm telling you oh, it all falls down"

they ask if he's shocked*
his 'no' brings an accusation, condemnation
slithering from her flailing, failing fork of a tongue
as though having seen the signs is akin to encouragement
an anchor way out of her depth in the face of honest argument

this has been coming for years, decades,
simmering on heat for generations
and those charged with watching
choose blinkers and blame
throw off responsibility, create more of the same

disaffection as standard

they turn two blind eyes
so while some say 'tinderbox' i say bonfire heaped high
seasoned with the finest black gold
and all parties, red, blue, new and old,
skitter about it with firecrackers and sparklers lit

chowing down on the finest fat of the land
double fistfuls of dirty cash in hand
as they spit paltry promises with a main order of lies
then feign surprise as those most firmly downtrodden arise dirtied
dispossessed and determined to take their self-proclaimed prize
surmise only mindless thuggery, blind greed
it's all congenital, it's just the way they breed

and no-one takes responsibility 
for the first torch lit
first brick thrown
first clenched fist

as iniquity becomes the new equality, elite the new mainstream
whole populations brought up on a diet of low esteem
on 'you are what you own' and celebrity dreams
and stuck on repeat, on a loop, to the street:
you are nothing, you are worthless, don't bother to aspire
to think you deserve to attain, or achieve, or reach higher

so these ones go the only way they see to go
already taken so low, naturally inclined to down
they're taking homes, razing them down to the ground
taking their homes, razing them down to the ground
they're taking away your promise, because you gave them none
taking for themselves what they've decided they're owed
deciding themselves now they feel they’re all grown
and you groan that relationship isn't one of the issues
they're just thugs playing out their misspent youths
and to offer root cause is condoning  – we refuse!

and we? street level, the you, and the me?
we just try to rock ourselves back to sleep
hope the morning brings less reason to weep as
siren song lullaby and rotor-blade beats keep time
with the keen and the thump intertwined
of our unsettled head and our now nervous heart
through the smoke and the chaos and tearing apart
through the shattering, as community divisions start
we dream of sleeping, dream of dreaming
of cohesion and of hope


  1. Thank you for this very powerful writing.
    Stay safe. - C from Toronto.

  2. Hi C - thank you! i just needed to get it out. w

  3. so much truth here... heavy sigh, over the way things are going in the world... sending peace and love to you across the sea