Friday, 15 July 2011

Transferring out

I've spent the past few weeks 'leaving facebook'.  If I weren't such a hoarder, it wouldn't have taken that long at all - but I can't bear the thought of losing certain messages, and notes.

So, here's one from 29th May.  It's not very exciting.

'fb is longist

This was a status update, but fb decided it was too long. ok, so apart from early wake up today, and so being in a ridiculously fould mood for a few hours, things are definitely now better than they were on Thursday - took Hikmah to the library and discovered kids can have 15 books out at one time - we got 13; we made a salad together (though I spent about an hour and a half trying to get her to eat it); and I'm off to Meadowland in about 12 hours, to shoot the spoken word tent (hosted by the wonderful Bang Said The Gun. So much awesomeness all under one canvas! And then it's a Bank Holiday, and me and Hikmah are planning to plant seeds. And maybe I'll go see Attack the Block. And read, and edit photos. Not at the same time. Obviously.'

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