Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NHS privatisation? Say whaaa???

Did you know the NHS is being put up for privatisation*?!?!?  ME NEITHER!!

"Today, in the middle of the select committee hearing, it was discreetly announced that the NHS will be opened up for privatisation- the very thing that nobody voted for, the thing that almost noone wanted apart from private healthcare firms, the politicians whose election campaigns they financed, and -guess who?- the Murdoch press. Last week's Open Public Services white paper threatens to confiscate state-provided welfare, social housing, schools, nursing homes, libraries, hospitals, hospices. The hacking scandal has made it almost to the doors of Downing street, but in the meantime, on the quiet, the agenda of Murdoch's tame cabinet is being signed and delivered. It cannot be permitted. If we believe in a fairer, more honest world, we can't allow ourselves to be entirely distracted by the circus."

Please read this article by Laurie Penny (brilliant and politically sound journalist).

Share this information - post it on your own blogs, on your facebook, myspace, twitter. E-mail people, talk to people about it.  Do whatever, but don't let the usual distractics get away with sneaking in yet another thing no-one actually voted for.

In other news, tonight I went to see the previews of both Tiernan Douieb and Josie Long's Edinburgh shows.  Both openly and unapologetically politically based, both brilliant with it, and very funny.  I feel inspired to get back on my strong beliefs** horse once again - i've definitely fallen off recently.  Go and see these shows! Then check out all the stuff they reference.  Then 'get up, get out and do something'. (it's late - macy gray/outkast quotes allowed in lieu of proper blogging).

*well, ok, not all of it, but read the article to find out more!
** - this is truly random, but as soon as i typed the words i thought of the song, then just found this, which reminded me of doing aiesec dances at aiesec conferences - good times

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