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Monday 30th March 2009 03:19 - 'One Before I Hit The Sack'

I think it's been ages since I wrote a proper note or blog. Despite really being in the mood to write one now, I realise that wouldn't be clever - though I've managed to get about 85% of my coursework done over the weekend, there still remains that other 15%, and a small matter of catching up with Arabic before class at 2pm tomorrow.
I've had a productive day (& night) though, so I thought I'd leave you with something which, at a more human time of day, I might consider dross, but which, at this time in the morning, high on fatigue and those special sleep-deprivation hormones, I'm rather fond of.

- - Tùil I/Starmore - -

I remember it - so strong
all passion and depth,
awe-striking beauty.
So utterly perfect it stopped me in my tracks
and, forgetting to breathe,
I compelled my me to absorb that moment,
drink in every last detail,
each stroke. And draw. And dry.
Willed myself to form a perfect memory
too deep, too absolute to ever be swept
to the loose-locked room of unremembered.
I ached, staggered and stunned
by the force of that longing

Held on that remembering
so it glowed and growed,
Pushed out with its colours that throbbed
life-size rejected for the magnificence of
a memory projected
wide-screen the only possible view.
And then the revelation
later, later,
the truth shrunk to actuality.
Memory again my own mockery of me.

25/12/08; 7a.m. (before, not after, sleep)

This is a picture from an exhibition, Mamba, by Alice Starmore. It totally blew me away when I saw it at the exhibition in Stornoway, and is one of the few things I've ever properly coveted.

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