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'I went to a marvellous party' - 25 October 2007 at 02:24

Since this blog, Grace have split up (though ex-lead singer, JP Jones, made an album with Chrissie Hinde!  Randomly, I bumped into him at a curry house the evening he was meeting her, but couldn't hang about as my friend had a train to catch), Cass Lowe may possibly have been signed, but I'm not sure - he seems to have disappeared, and The Hoosiers kind of exploded on to the pop world. Big shame about Grace - definitely worth checking out Detours.
(NB - the flickr link doesn't work anymore - I must've cleared the set because it was far too cluttered)
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Well, more of a gig really.

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01:26 - Cass+Grace+The Hoosiers = Most awesome gig!
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Just before midnight, I got back from a gig at The Brook in Southampton. I went (along with my little sis and friends from work) to see The Hoosiers (, who were more than ably supported by the lovely Cass ( and the ultra-rocking Grace (

The gig was absolutely awesome, from start to finish. When Cass first came on and picked up the guitar, I have to admit to wondering if he was one of the roadies (sorry dude - it was the understated entrance!), but as soon as he started to sing, I realised the show proper had started. Beautiful, amazing voice (and apparently tonight he had a sore throat!) and brilliant songs.

G-race were grrrrrreat (sorry - i'm tired - it brings out the infantile in me). They really were, though - totally rocked the stage with songs that sounded instantly familiar - not in a 'who does that remind me of' kind of way, but more a 'wow, this song's so cool, I already know half of it by the second chorus' type thing.

The Hoosiers. Aah, The Hoosiers. They rocked the house. Every song, people sang along like they'd had the album for ages - it only came out on Monday. It was almost as if certain people had listened to it non-stop, lyrics in one hand, hair-brush in the other...ahem. I was gutted when they walked off stage for the last time, and the lights came up. We hung about and got to have a chat with Irwin (lead singer) after, which rounded off the night pretty perfectly.

I took a load of pictures (me? pictures? surely not!), which I've loaded up on to Flickr - they're not edited yet, so include all the crap ones, and actually look about obsessive as I take the same picture 10 times...But anyways, they're here if you want to check them out:

Off to bed now, still buzzing, but in a very tired sort of way.

G'night all.

w xxx

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