Saturday, 16 July 2011

'Green Screen - pass it on' - 10th October 2008

Wow - can't believe this was three years ago, almost.  Look at that poster (that's a beautiful beach on the outer hebrides) - and the website's still there too!  I was so excited about it - it was going to be the best film festival anyone (in Portsmouth) had ever seen - it was going to change the world!  I still believe I am.  Maybe just not quite as much as I hoped.
- - - - 
"It's happening, people. Next weekend in fact!

Please help me pass it on - open and share this note, or just copy the poster onto your facebook/email/website/forehead, and write something arresting like : LOOK AT THIS AND GO THERE next to it.

To get the picture to show on your facebook, when you post the note, go to the edit button, and click 'full' (thanks Lynda :0) )

Or you could paste the website address somewhere:

or you could invite people to the event (see my events).

Whatever you do, please pass it on. Thanking you hugely"

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