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'Gonna get myself Connected' - Wednesday, 07 November 2007 at 00:26

2007 - dreaming and scheming of any way possible to leave Portsmouth, and the dream job came up.  3 & 1/2 years later, and I'm still at Connect.  Despite my sometime grumbling, there must be something right at this place!
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Last Monday I applied for a job - Speech & Language Therapist Project Worker - with an organisation called Connect (amazing organisation that develops initiatives to support people living with aphasia - check 'em out here: The deadline was that day - I e-mailed my application in at about 11p.m. What can I say - that morning, I didn;t even realise I was going to apply, and I got in from (where? my memory doesn't stretch back that far) somewhere relatively late that evening, so all in all, I'm pretty amazed that I managed to get anything coherent to them.

There must have been something that made sense to them - on Wednesday, I got an e-mail saying I had an interview on Monday! After being eye-gogglingly amazed for a little while (a freaky sight, trust me), I realised actually Monday wasn't so great - I had clients booked in - whereas Tuesday was comepletely empty. I replied, asking if there was any chance I could change days (I wasn't being totally cheeky - they were running interviews on the Monday and Tuesday). Thursday, I heard back from Connect with an agreement to rearrange for Tuesday. Get in!

Then I actually read the rest of the first e-mail, and part of me wished maybe they hadn't been so keen to interview me - I had to put together a ten-minute presentation (question: 'what is the role of voluntary sector organisations in extending support and opportunities currently available to people living with aphasia?' - cos I'm sure y'all were dying to know), which I'd be presenting to a panel (a panel? why?!) of 5 people. Added factor - some of the panel would be people living with aphasia - employees and volunteers of Connect - so I had to make sure my presentation was accessible. Oh my.

So I did what I do best in these situations. I kind of ignored the fact that I had only 5 days til the interview, and just put all thoughts of it to one side for a few days. I mean, I had 5 whole days - that's ages in Wasi-world! Anyways, I had other stuff to contend with - like the Monster Mash Quiz, and getting totally mashed at Scrabulous.

Then there was the weekend, and I had to do my parts of the Post-Reg year project (don't ask me about this - it results in a massive rant. I hadn't spoken to my best friend since before her birthday, and when she called on Sunday, instead of asking about how it was, I ranted about post-reg. I even actually said today in the interview 'Don't get me started on that project' when I happened to mention it as an example. It infuriates me beyond rationality - on a par with people that think happy-slapping is funny, or that it doesn't matter if Bangladesh disappears because of global warming because "i don't know anyone over there" AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! - sorry - slightly carried away on a tide of rantiness).

So, Saturday I was supposed to be doing Post-Reg stuff. Saturday, I rearranged my room. By the evening, there was nothing left to move. I figured I'd have a half hour nap, and do some work.

Four & a half hours later, I woke up, a bit dazed, and wondering why it was s dark. I did have good intentions when I got on the computer...they were scuppered by the word-junky in me. Scrabulous it was.

Sunday...I actally did work. Lots actually. I like to think of my working method as being like those essential oils - concentrated and compact, but just as potent as if it were spread out over a much longer period of time. Of course, that might just be so much crap to excuse my terrible habits of procrastination.

Sunday evening, I finally started on the presentation. It actually didn't take too long, and the geek in me actually had fun (yes, I'm sad; so what's new?) putting together the powerpoint.

Monday - work - extreme lack of concentration - after work - post-reg meeting - work, but also discussion of names' meanings, writing Arabic, and hand-twins. Quick shopping trip to get a top for the interview (yes, the night before - what can I say? I don't do drugs, I've got to get my kicks somehow). Got in about half seven, and stayed up til about 1.30, reading about the voluntary sector.

Tuesday - woke up at half-six - I nearly fell back asleep - that would've been fun!

At the train station, discovered it's a good idea to check ticket options before travelling. teh guy tried to sell me a ticket for £34, when there was one available for £22, the existence of which he initially denied. Ach!

Train journey of 2 hours 20 minutes stretched out ahead of me, with a massive temptation to sleep to pass the time. Instead, I did a bit more background reading, listened to music, and looked out the window.

Then, the weirdest thing - I slipped into this amazingly chipper mood, and the knowledge that I had an interview really didn't seem to matter (and I HATE interviews - I lose any trace of eloquence and intelligence when I get into an interview room, and tend to force out words through a terrified rictus). I sat there, singing, and being all city-girl-enthralled by the passing countryside - the colours were amazing!

I did actually feel like I was slightly high on something (hmmm), and the feeling persisted throughout the presentation, the interview, and the tour of the building afterwards. It didn't hurt that, because I'd volunteered there before, I already knew one of the people interviewing me, and the panel were lovely.

So, amazingly, for me, it went really well. That's actually all this note was meant to say: had an interview, it went really well. But I wll insist on embellishing! Apparently I'll hear by Thursday...I am holding my breath.

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