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'A Capella - from the 12 Days to Rushmore ' - 15 December 2007 at 04:02

So, I went through a period where I was a little obsessed with a capella... Ach, who am I kidding - I totally still am!  I mean - that's JUST THEIR VOICES!!!   That said, not sure why I chose the Thriller one - this group's Spiderman (different lead singer) was heaps better. The 'cuban group' are vocal sampling - still amaze me with that guitar solo.
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(Even if no-one else, Zainab, I think you will appreciate this, especially the Thriller one - sometimes, it takes a Daniju to understand!)

(I tried posting this with videos embedded, but it didn't work, so I've had to just paste links instead)(16/7/11 - on blogger, video embedding should work!).

This all started because of the DJ on the Breakfast show this morning - he played a clip from this "Barbershop Quartet"'s verions of the 12 Days of Christmas. I thought it was pretty cool, so went over to youtube to check it out. Turned out to be an a capella group, Straight No Chaser. The clip:

These are the same guys singing 'This is how we do it', with bits of Boyz II Men in there too:

And finally, their version of Africa:

Then I found a load of others...

A bit of a fast version of The Killers' Mr Brightside:

This pretty cool version of Blur's Song 2:

One of my favourites - Seal's Kiss From A Rose by a group called the Acafellas:

A Cuban group doing Hotel California - man, that guitar solo!:

A 7-man Octet performing Bohemian Rhapsody (is it me, or are there guys in this video that look a bit like young versions of Wilem Defoe & Jimmy Carr (guy near the end of the song)?):

A particularly cool version of Thriller:

& last, but totally not least, the Proclaimers' 500 miles - by the Rushmore Mountain Presidents!:

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