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31st May 2009 - one of those tag things

Worrying to think I was about to turn 30, not 13, when I typed this lot...
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1. 'tired' is probably the adjective I most use to describe myself. It's not even that I'm insomniac - just not very good at doing the normal sleeping-at-night thing.

2. 'random' probably comes a very close second.

3. I've started describing my memory as 'pathologically bad' - I don't even know if that's semantically correct, but that really is how bad it is.

4. My index fingers twist inwards. Whenever I try to show other people this, though, they tell me not to be silly. I think they're trying to be reassuring. I don't mind that they do this - I think they look pretty cool.

5. I'm prone to mood swings and instant (but long-lasting) obsessions. It's a good job I don't take any mind altering or addictive substances.

6. I believe that thing - that if you believe something enough, you can make it happen. Well, sometimes, anyways.

7. I write 'anyways' instead of 'anyway'. I blame Mia.

8. I don't understand people who don't understand how you would fill your time if you didn't work - i spend most of my time at work thinking about all the things I could be doing instead.

9. Aubergines, mushrooms and olives - nastiness!

10. Covent Garden, Camden Town and the Embankment are three places that make me love London

11. I try to read intelligent, 'mind-improving' books, but always end up back with the latest Stephen King (or lately, Harlan Coben).

12. I reckon day-dreaming and creative thinking should be added to school curriculums, and playtime should make up at least half the time at school.

13. I'm not lazy, exactly, I just like doing what I like doing - and most of the time, that's not work.

15. I'm finding it really hard to come up with 25 random things about me...

16. Me & my siblings grew up watching 'Annie' so many times, we could probably have acted out most of the film. I still know the words to nearly all the songs.

17. Same goes for the albums 'Hotter Than July' and 'Thriller'.

18. I am the only person I know that doesn't find Nirvana depressing.

19. I am the only person I know that found 'Mr Bean - the movie' depressing (in a 'sad' way, rather than in a 'rubbish' way).

20. Given the chance, I'd make everybody I know watch and/or read 'The Princess Bride' (I have already started to make this happen...).

21. I could watch 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' on repeat for at least a week.

22. The ellipsis is my favourite, and probably most over-used punctuation mark. I was once asked by my English teacher to go look up what it was called (as opposed to referring to it as 'those three full stops').

23. There is nothing weird about having a favourite punctuation mark...

24. I've never really got why people are so crazy about 'Star Wars'.

25. I'm (very) easily distracted, but still manage to multi-task reasonably well.

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