Saturday, 16 July 2011

17th September 2010

- - from you - -

Your house
at first sight thrilled me
in that same way
that rollercoasters did when
i was a child
and feared many things of which
death was never one
made me feel sick, giant flip in the
pit of my stomach
and pulled me in as though
we were old lovers and had
secrets still to be shared

I know this daytime dilapidation
that begs to be captured
in sepia or maybe full colour artfully
under-exposed with extra contrast for
full definition
will become a frame for night terror
blister-burnt busted door perhaps a portal
for all those things i no longer believe exist
but that exasperate by continuing
to insist on an audience
with my mind once
dusk has settled
and the sun bled from its safety perch.

perhaps we could go in holding hands
if you promise not to let go when the darkness begins
even if it all should become too much
and it feels wrong with every forward step
promise you won’t let go

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