Tuesday, 14 June 2011

edinburgh is go!

the below is my itinerary for edinburgh

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this came from the process (some would say careful, meticulous, well-organised, others would possibly say other things) of long-listing, short-listing, putting all in time order, and then pain-stakingly spreading them out over the days i'm up... this gives a glimpse of the process

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this list does not include previews i am planning to see which include (in date order):
- josh widdicombe (islington pleasance 29th june)
- joe wilkinson and ben target (invisble dot 7th july)
- matt crosby and joel dommett
- carey marx
- tom bell (boogaloo highate 14th july)
- seminar (emily watson howes) and jigsaw (nat luurtsema, dan antopolski and tom craine) (islington pleasance 17th july)
- tiernan douieb and josie long (fat tuesday 19th july)
- tim clare: how to be a leader (leicester square theatre 20th july)
- skittles (richard marsh) (battersea theatre 503 26th july)
i realise that is a lot of comedy. good job i need no sleep, or i'd get nothing else done. hmmm (*goes away to consider revising life/priorities/etc*)