Tuesday, 17 May 2011

--track number 9 --

(written half asleep, and to be read in that state)

it felt good to let go
to give in to the release of remembering you
of remembering me
or who i was you were we were back then
this little monkey has come along and knocked me sideways with his song
a hit straight to the gut sinking deep into system softened by forgetting
but instead of crumpled i rebound
and even as it all comes tumbling it
as i messy empty pages with the scrawl of memories
the mess sits alright, the desolation does not ring hollow, at least

i am too tired
my eyes blur the string of syntax
and urge for slow blinking to become tonight's oblivion
ignored until everything collapses inwards
and pads of fingers miss pad of keys
and i'm no longer quite sure again who it was i lost

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