Thursday, 7 April 2011

day/poem 7

(running very late. something started on the bus home earlier, my mind almost completely blank, and revolting against being made to try and produce poetry... first couple of lines taken from Melox Marvel's Bed of Nails - check him out on MySpace, if that still exists.  it is really really really hard to write anything with the news blaring from the next room... 11 minutes to go... 7 minutes... have to stop, but this is one i definitely want to continue at a later date - feels like it's only the beginning...)

-- before --

i used to fall into people's arms
thinking of you
count their imperfections
meditate on the many ways they could never measure up
run from them before i could recall
just how short you fell of the mark

it's not that i put you on a pedestal
didn't build monuments to you in the folly i have for a heart
just that i've seen you fall apart
seen you when you no longer believed in yourself
and i'm finding it hard to find anyone else
that's quite so perfect in their failings

now i stick to the arms of those
whose perfection is a failing in itself
let them be the ones to run
when they discover my own imperfections
and in that folly, i find, despite myself
after cleansing, clearing, and ample time
the smell of you still lingers
and i realise i'm waiting to be needed again


  1. really felt this one, nicely done

  2. Dr. Hakeem Shaybani7 April 2012 at 14:50

    Very beautiful. I like the freeness of the structure and how simply it's written. It has resonance. How "finished" is this?

  3. Lil - I don't know that I ever saw your comment until last night! thank you, friend.

    Dr Shaybani - thank you for casting your kind critical eye over this. i've never come back to it since i write it, though do remember at the time i felt it wasn't finished - i'm not very good at revisiting poems once i've stopped writing them