Wednesday, 6 April 2011

day/poem 6

(currently sat wheezing my way through a rather nasty allergic reaction to just inhaling the air while I juiced some apples.  more than the day, the apples defeated me.)

-- defeated --
it's been one of those days
the sort that kicks you into touch
feels like ten rounds in the ring 
that have left you totally defeated

and everything is too fast and too loud and too much
and you realise the foolishness of having left your warm bed
unwise, even, venturing past the threshold of sleep
should have just stayed there dreaming, a few more hours at least
ignored the summons to take on the day and lose

i have fallen apart many times today
each time in the guise of keeping it together
each time made sure to pick up the parts
attempted meticulous recovery, but mostly failed
carelessly littering the hours, pieces of me in my wake
until i find myself depleted, unequal to the task
of just getting through the day

attempt to get a grip, but the hours slip by
elude, and leave me fumbling in the dark
i think it best i just sit this one out
beat a retreat, back to bed, cover head
huddle into comfort quilt cocoon
and wait for sleep to transport me to morning


  1. One of those days huh, they are a bugger!

    I hope there's better ones to come for you.

    Warmth x

  2. thanks Z, they really are!

    today was heaps better, though, and hoping following ones will be also.

    hope the sun's shining on you and inside too.

    w xxx

  3. I hate that you had one of those kinds of days but you put it into words quite nicely