Tuesday, 5 April 2011

day/poem 5

(oooh - last minute, as i got carried away baking, and a little distracted by bits of the matrix)

-- documentary --

you smile as you declare them 'kaffir', denounce them 'mushrik'
your vocab brushed up from hours of practice
from tomes, cracked and old, scroll fragile, of age
their dust sparkles magic in your wonder

you argue reason, compare 'jihad' and 'slaughter' with favour
and yet ponder their hate
cannot comprehend why 'them' and 'us' 
will always equal
'them' and 'us'

you are young, you know, so right, so learned, so sure
i smile as i declare you foolish, denounce you unwise
hope to hurt to slaughter pride
reduce your wonder to reason
instil a grain of sense


  1. Instil a grain of sense. We call this `aql!

    Boils down to understanding, or lack of.

    Cool poem Wasi, but, like, it doesn't even rhyme. =p Masha'Allah, powerful message. More please!

    Your fan,

  2. I long for a day that "them" goes away
    and all that remains is a collective "us"
    nice work : )