Sunday, 24 April 2011

day/poem 24

(a little bit of a bitter rant tonight, not so much a poem as a long drwan out sigh with line breaks - at/before/after any wedding i attend, there's always one person that will ask...)

-- friendly advice --

maybe you should look further afield
i've heard the states can be a good place to start
you know women's time is short
and you can't wait around for perfection
it's all about compromise
and anyway, you can always change him later
did we mention women's time is short
when i was your age i was having my third
and that was a difficult birth
you can't leave it too long
i have a friend
he's interesting - if you like that sort of thing
well, what is wrong with moving to nigeria
well, what is wrong with him not liking to read
well, what is wrong with him not being muslim
of course, we have your best interests at heart
just sometimes we know better
than you think you do
and remember, women's time is short

1 comment:

  1. I love this. The repetition style of that one line (.... time is short), and how it connects all the different thoughts, is awesome.