Sunday, 24 April 2011

day/poem 23

(i wrote this last night, during the disco of the wedding i was at.  i was a little bit distracted. title is taken from the east17 song, and there's a line in there from james' 'sit down')

-- house of love (everybody) --

disco flashes - damn good night
and the dance floor rocks and shakes
to james and pulp and blur
reminds us of when we were
green jumper, tartan skirt, school colours clad
in love, in fear, in hate, in tears

heads bob, hands wave
and the pictures are red tint, green hue
all a blur and sparkle, fairy light lit, soft glow
and you can't believe you've done it
taken those vows
school-girl crushes given way
to love and support, care for as long as

disco ball flashes - what a night
couples the las to leave the dance floor
as bodies shake and sway, in time and out
we love you
and our joy is in every hair flick
every twist, every shimmy, every grin, every move

wishing you this:
happiness every day
and love

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