Friday, 22 April 2011

day/poem 22

-- good friday --

they've come in their hundreds, hundreds and thousands
come marching, come chanting, beseeching, demanding
come streaming, come huddled, they're hurrying, calling

come from their homes, come to the townships
come from obscurity, come into focus
come from their silence, come into protest

and the response - reports left me wordless

raining down terror, spiralling death-tolls
show of life taking, sweeping, haphazard
that as your answer, that as your warning

skin flaying, feet churning, arms raised, scant shelter
bullets and shrapnel seek homes for sharp edges
ripping their way in, forcing all entry

foreign bodies, such speed, no immune, no defenses
puncture bodies that stream with no room for the outpour
bodies that slump, smashed, grabbed away life force
bloody ballistics, sweat mingles with life streams
boots stamp their way home, prints trailing behind them
feet stamp their way, drag their way, find a way home

home to recoup, to recover, rekindle
home to reboot, to regroup, to re-engage
and again they will come, in their hundreds and thousands

come with their voices raised in defiance
come with their chants demand retribution
come for your answers, your response is lacking
come for your answers, come to be heard


  1. this one is as discomfitting as it was meant to be... well done

  2. thanks Lil - it was the first time my indignation at the situation overcame my worry of not being able to do it justice in words.