Wednesday, 20 April 2011

day/poem 20

-- bricking it on the bridge --

i can feel it, you know
while everyone else goes about their business
commuters power pumping, briefcases banging
joggers pounding trainers to tarmac
tourists snapping, young mothers yapping
while their kids scream and squall in the latest buggies
all springs and vorsprung durch technik
they know at least

we're doomed
i can feel it in the sway
in the give of supposedly solid ground
the easterly 'breeze' has destructive aspirations
this bridge means to take us down

it's worse on tower bridge
walking across that the first time
i figured i'd have to turn back
not even hollie mcnish could distract me
from the fact of my imminent death
from the fact that we were never meant to cross wide expanses
of water on flimsy paths cracked in the middle
from the fact that it's falls, not heights,
that are my problem
that will be the death of me
that will be the end of it all

i'm not over-reacting
i'm not imagining things
it's definitely not something i need to get over
getting over is definitely the problem
let's not span the gap
how's about we all just learn to love ferries
or get us some dinghies
and learn to row
it's not foolish, it's not a phobia
it's not all in my mind
walking over bridges
is bad for my health