Sunday, 17 April 2011

day/poem 17

(with a little help from my friend - thanks Mia)

-- they told me muslim women wear black --

cocktail coloured
peacock plumed
draped in sapphires, in scarlets, in pinks
headtie creations to rival any horse-race fascinator
arms ache from the pulling and styling
guinea brocade, diamante laces
you glitter and sparkle to celebrate
births weddings
even deaths don't escape colour
as you flock together
wrappers pulled firm round large behinds
to mark occassions
as they should be
not stopping at splashes of colour
total drenching preferred
asphalt irridescent
reflections in every puddle as you pass
defy this country's monochrome
bring back home to these streets


  1. love the descriptive imagery... makes me wish you could post a photo of it so I could see the words come to life : )

  2. thanks Lil! and for you, well, check your fb page :0)