Thursday, 14 April 2011

day/poem 14

 -- you probably think this poem is about you (you may be right) ---

i have a friend
he writes poetry
like he's having a conversation
with the world
in words that are easily understood
and phrases that cut like broken crockery
scattered on ceramic tiles
the unwary walk gingerly at his approach
lacerations at times unavoidable

i have sisters
they spit lines
that make grown women cry
and despite what people may think
that is no mean feat
their lungs hurl hurricanes that hush the room
they make believers of drunken revellers
they trade in truths, give voice to light

i know wordsmiths
who draw laughs from those
that attend them
unexpected bleats of mirth
appreciation roared, gurgling rivers

i aspire every day
inspired by those who surround me
working towards becoming
my own friend


  1. nicely put... liked all the descriptive word play

  2. thanks Jingle - kind of you to say so - thanks for reading