Sunday, 10 April 2011

day/poem 10

- - walking on water - -

laying you to rest in the morning
and all i can think of
is that last trip of ours to brighton

bus down early morning, 
yawns and marmalade crumby fingers
arriving with cricked neck and creased shirt and foggy head
early enough that even the gulls weren't out in full swing

eager to walk the pier
despite us both pain-puffing, gammy leg a-piece
rocking and rolling our way across the sea
heading for the end, fair rides and slot machines

back on dry land, fish and chips early lunch
you laughed at my shock at the size of it
battered cod easily as long as my forearm
and enough chips to feed a small family
for at least a week

stuffed and ice-creamed
sea life centre final stop off
and somehow you convince me to pose with an oar
attempt to outpaddle a shark
and your guffaw as the flash bulb popped
me gurning earnestly
trying to hide my delight
at the cheesiness of it all

so as we walk away, dark suits and sighs
remind ourselves it's past tense now
and wonder how things will be
i'll still think of us, landlubbing pirates
walking on water
planks in-between

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