Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sat at her desk, uncovering the truth

Today I am brought alive by the shadows
of bare trees on an old house's side
thrown, clear, by winter sunlight
making the whole more beautiful than it it ought
more than each part could ever have dreamed.

And triumph over petty lies
tugs my grin wide
as I tramp downhill
imagining that moment of reveal
Not in vengeance, mind,
simply for that perfect 'oh' of surprise
pulling that bluff from the one who thought me blind
Unkind, foolishly and needlessly deceived 
and yet, I laugh as though 
a new day has been handed me on a plate
fully garnished, freshly daydreamed
vanilla skies and purple rain

I stand amazed - can't believe,
instead of bitter rant,
discover the true state of incredulity
reduces me to helpless cheer
so I'll just absorb it as best I can
feel full the joy, laugh loud til perhaps
this melts, this nonsense, this sentence
contract winds down and I'm free again
to tread as angrily as I wish
foul humour reasserted
a reckoning, perhaps only postponed
and definitely well noted.

1 comment:

  1. I've often thought of taking a brush and paint to capture such shadows, so that when the sun moved on it would still be there in honesty... love how you started this piece with seeing a shadow and then moved to deception, to the joy of calling a bluff (even if only in the imagination), and then settling back into indignation... so poetically human...
    love you... sending peace across the ocean