Saturday, 13 November 2010

losing heart, and creating

Today i said goodbye to a colleague who'd been made redundant.  Like a whirlwind romance in reverse, it all happened so fast it left myself and others shocked, upset, and, in my case at least, pretty angry. I'm going to leave my thoughts on the direction of organisations and the role of corporate thinking in charity to another blog, though - my brain can't deal with coherence right now.  So i'll stick to something fuzzier instead.

I create things in a similar way to how i tackle life - somewhat manically with more than a touch of the haphazard.  Proper planning always seems like a good idea after the event, as i prefer to depend on vaguely thought out ideas, that i figure will work out as i go. Usually they do.

Haven't made cards for ages, so it was nice to slip into the soothing focus of cutting, pasting, and just making.  I didn't even have music on, just sat in silence, concentrating on not smudging ink, or getting glue on outer surfaces.

The cards are for the wedding of two close family friends.  So weird to see him all grown up, when i can still remember taking him and his siblings, along with my own, to see Toy Story when they were all still pretty small.  As for her, i remember once, whilest temping at her dad's business, going to pick her and her younger sister up from primary school.  They sat in the office, waiting for their dad to take them home, and keeping me amused with the kind of slanging match that can only come from the lips of kids that young - focused around noses and their contents, as far as i remember.

I'm wishing them all the happiness and blessings in the cosmos.  To all my praying friends, do send a prayer out for them; for y'all who prefer the non-prayer route, maybe just think happy thoughts their way.

This one above is for the groom's parents, and the one below a section of the card for the bride and groom.

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  1. As'salam'alaikum,
    - I agree, being fired is awful, that as an act should not exist. Managers could reshift them (they do it in parliament all the time) or give them lesser roles, but being made redundant? I-dont-tink-so.
    - Whoop @ Wedding whoopla. Free wedding food. Gory futtos. Pretend to be happy, and report back. I love pitchers.
    - That is a wonderful handmade card. I have a henna inspired card for you Londoner.

    Speak tyu later ia.
    Z. (=