Tuesday, 26 October 2010

No preamble (click to make bigger)


  1. Where are all these taken from? I want commentary!

  2. OK, commentary you shall have:

    1. Picture of Zainab (my sister) on the coach home from Portsmouth, back when we both lived down there. I think she was asleep at this point.

    2. This was my flat (bedsit) in Portsmouth. I loved that place - it was tiny, but I took it because of the windows on three sides - it was gorgeous waking up late on a Sunday and lazing in the sun (I think I possibly did this about three times when I was there, due to a combination of hardly ever being there at weekends, there never being any sun, and being very bad at lazing in bed).

    3. This is a tree that I used to spend ages staring/day-dreaming at out of the window of my office/clinic in Portsmouth. I love trees.

    4. & 5. Fields, snapped from trains, probably both somewhere between Portsmouth & London.

    6. Dust motes in sunlight coming through the window behind the fish tank at home.

    7. Hikmah (my niece) asleep in the sunbeams, with her funky boot-slippers, and a stuffed dog (Alexis De Los Flamencos) that I was given as a birthday present by fellow Erasmus students in Belgium.