Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No point, just felt like writing (unedited)

I've had one of those days today where I've decided a whole load of things. I have a habit of doing a lot of my decision making internally, so I'll just come out with something like 'ok, so I'll be moving to Scotland next year', which tends to sound a bit random and out of the blue to those around me, but has usually been the reuslt of a long bit of internal dialogue.

Anyway, the result of one of the decisions (save more) is that I plan to be in more over the next 10 months or so.  Rather than spend all that time watching youtube videos and trying to perfect my a cappella imitation of the guitar riff in Hotel California, I figured I'd take it as a time to hopefully become a bit more creative.  I'm planning to finally start teaching myself to play my Freecycle Violin with its Freecycle bow, and also play a bit more guitar, and maybe actually learn a bit more techniqe than jittery chord changes and skipping over the 'difficult' bits.  I'm hoping also to write a bit more - I think I've gotten a bit lazy of late, or maybe just caught up with work or life or what have you, and just kind of put writing on the back burner, or maybe even taken it off the stove altogether. 

I'm just attempting to finish off a letter to my best friend (does that sound too five year-old-ish? oh well, I don't care if it does) - I started it back in August...we do have a habit of taking a *little while* with our letters, but I guess the slowness is part of the joy of writing them...  So anyways, the past few days I've got really into it, writing pages on a train journey, and even on the bus to work this morning.  And it's made me realise how much I love just the actual act of writing - both the physical act of putting words on a page and just letting words tumble from my brain into any kind of readble form. Hence this post.

Maybe, though, if I'm going to be writing regular posts which don't really talk about anything at all, maybe I should change the name of this to: Wasi - inanity to insanity...somehwere in between... Hmmm.


  1. will be waiting for that letter xoxox

  2. I like. Unlike painting or orating, writing is one thing every human bean can do. Letter-writing is a lost form communication; there is depth in a hand written note that no amount of asteriskes and lols in a text can give. Write poetry, it's a release.

    Never edit your pieces, they are very emotive and ramblish. Again, I like.

  3. Without wishing to sound way too gushing, love you all :0) xxx

    ps - mia - letter to be completed tomorrow on day off. Insha'Allah! xxx

    Z - now rambling and emotive I can definitely do, especially if you like :0)