Sunday, 24 October 2010

a few to get me started

i know - it's nearly 2... where does the time go... ok, so i know i should be in bed, and actually intended an early(ish) night tonight ahead of a full day tomorrow, but...well, i got to doing some stuff with my mum (statement for insurance, after some idiot hit her car with a van, and dragged off the bumper, then didn't even stop!!), so didn't have dinner til late, so sat down and got online. got minorly involved in a debate over racism - institutional

- - - - -

I'd written two more paragraphs, and uploaded 6 photos when the computer crashed. i now don't even remember most of what i'd written. and it took about half an hour to upload the photos anyway, so not starting that again. sorry. what started as a nice happy-despite-tiredness blog is now just a bit of a blip instead. i may attempt it again tomorrow. for now, i can't be bothered. going to bed to dream of unnecessarily violent responses to the next talk talk operative on the street who offers me 'free broadband'.


  1. Be patient wasi-san. Next blog post you can rant about how Dell is Satan's advocate. The Indian technical support sucks my soul dry...

    Wannu see those photos!

  2. so sorry it messed up on you... I remember losing several posts back in my Myspace days... it's so aggravating! sending peace and love...

  3. I swear I left a comment here late last night, but like your original blog it seems to have been swallowed by an interspace black hole... at any rate, I'm sorry you lost all that work, but do hope you got some much needed sleep...
    much peace and love to you...

  4. then again... that comment may have just been just waiting for approval... whoops

  5. Hello lovely commenter readers,

    Z - 'uus' as my muay thai instructor would say. Your comments made me laugh, and once I did that, the irritation got batted out the window. Talk Talk really are rubbish though ;0) Photos have now followed, at your prompting.

    Lil - I'm so used to not having comments on here, that I forget to check for them. So they kind of disappear into the black hole of my non-existent memory! Oh, I remember the MySpace days - I still go back and have a look around there every once in a while.

    Much peace and love to you both,
    w xxx