Sunday, 25 July 2010

A couple of old ones

~~Replete Exorcism~~

When last you happened upon me
My world was not empty or broken in two,
Though perhaps it was lacking - to delve would harsh.
Hectic and crowded, all and nothing at once.
Intransigent transience teeming so slowly
My own mind left me reeling,
And control had a vague and tentative hold.

And then you.

And you showed me above and beyond and around.
And the gifts that you gave were the sun and the moon and the stars;
The ebb and the flow of the waves and the winds;
The hush and the morning, silk cobweb in mist;
Still peace in the moonlight, and swift, fleeting shadows.

And you passed, as you do, though I craved your return
Until finally I saw fit to embrace your absence
And as I let go, I reached for myself
And i found you and I were me.

And so I was.

Replete, and in baffled amusement, I realised.
And I was enough.

~~If we hadn't met~~

The world would be an inordinately sadder place
If it should have been that we had not met.

Obviously, we'd have known nothing about it,
Gone on with our lives,
Spent them with others who wouldn't have been quite perfect for us,
But, in the event, worked quite well enough.
No, we'd have been pretty much unaware.

But the universe would've felt the loss of what could've been;
House-tumbling tremors at its mournful sighs.
The angels, looking down, would've shaken their heads,
Exchanged pitying glances as they shrugged wings,
Solar eclipse gestures at the foolishness of Man.

Lucky then, in our blissful ignorance,
That we stumbled on each other
And decided to stick it out.

And when we think how, no matter what our hearts' desolation
If we were to ever go our own ways,
It wouldn't be the end of the world,
Maybe, just maybe, we should think again

Saturday, 17 July 2010

~~ Purple Rain ~~

(for a.)

the night you came to be
stars, startled from their slumber
were brought the news by passing clouds
awe-struck, this stellar host vibrated
set aglow with their joy
glimmering radiance, one to the next
'til it shone clear across every constellation

galaxies hummed, strumming astral melodies of celebration
clouds erupted, their thunderous applause manifest in purple rain
honouring your new earthly existence

no longer able to hold it in, the stars burst forth
a chorus of pure light showering jubilation
cosmic t(r)ails blazing
scattering their glittering homage from every corner of the skies

so it is, they say, that shooting stars were born
and you the first among them