Thursday, 11 March 2010

Something a little less depressing...

R - as you requested ;0)

Crazy Good Schmuck

Totally ecstatic
World may spin, but I'm standing still,
Big fat grin all over my face
An 'I've-got-flowers' all over the place kind of feeling going on.
Lay back and rack up
All the good stuff I've got shacked up in my head.
Check it out - how blue is that sky!
Good feeling's gone and grabbed me - now I know I can fly.
Got that bounce in my step, and the sun in my eye.
And every frown's a smile, and every smile's a grin
And every door's saying 'come on, step right in'.
Got the phone lines humming
Keep this fool's rush coming
Hear the guitars strumming, my joy their melody;
And the baseline's got me tapping time
Ain't really no reason, no rhyme
To why I suddenly feel like I'm out of my mind and control.
And the feeling's warm and good and strong
And mine.
So I consume its heat, and kind of explode
And I dance to its beat as my heart reloads on joy,
And what those in darkness long to be returned to.
And my song my laugh, my eyes my voice
And out on the street I shout and rejoice
In silence and vibrance,
Emanating it as I hold it in.
I twist and bound
Both feet on the ground
As the revelling spins around and around in my head.
And so on it goes,
Forever in one second. It glows
And tho I curb the grin, control my wings, it shows
And somehow everybody knows.
It's out.
Laid-back insanity
Something a little crazy's stepping up inside of me,
And tormenting as it's got to be at times,
It sure does feel nice
To add a little spice,
Stir up the innocence with a little vice.
Live a little and go with a grin,
Cos who knows what tomorrow might bring;
Just carpe diem and enter in to whatever you think is the real thing.
Take a walk on the wild side,
Make it a real good hard ride,
Whatever you do, make sure you've tried it out,
Cos the fun could end anytime.
Like now.

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