Thursday, 10 December 2009

What would I know

I need to take a little lie-down
a bit of a time out, just a few decades or so
to realign, re-assess, rejuvenate and return to myself;
a while for the world to catch-up
with itself, a pause from its eternal spinning into infinity
and for me to adjust to my own insignificance within the universe.

It’s probable it’ll take a little longer,
centuries, perhaps even millennia
to even come close to beginning to understand
to get even iota of an inkling
of what it all means,
and who I suppose I am supposed to be.

The why of it all does not even bear considering;
this world will have frozen over,
or maybe heated to cinders and beyond ash
a thousand times over
before any mere human could even come
within harpooning distance of that particular truth.

And if by some crazy miracle,
some spectacular flaw in the passing of the seasons,
the turning of the tides, and the order of the constellation.
any mortal should stumble onto a glimmer of this conundrum,
the ferocity of the light of such immense knowledge,
it would be beyond unbearable.

A mind torn wide open
by the enormity of it all,
oblivion would become the new quest,
clawing at the vault of prior ignorance
wishing for a return to an utterly irretrievable innocence.

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