Monday, 30 November 2009

Listening to Crack The Shutters, reading Lil & Silver Star

Insatiable this
to get every thought, every idea, every movement and memory
to share, in flowing couplets, or stilted rhymes
in reams, over pages, or just a line
And yet the desire remains
by the ability to relate
So the fever of the passion felt
just that - only experienced, unshared
Every scribble, scrawl, printed or penned
to relay the intensity that pulls everything crashing together
a million images at once impacting and
through every corner of my mind
starbursts and sunsparks at the
of a photo that recreates, not imitates
or a turn of phrase that reaches in
and twists me wrong-side out and upside down
But how in the world to assimilate and
exactly how each ignites inside beyond fathoms
each sends me soaring, propelled by awe, suspended by the wonder
How to make you know what I know,
feel just what it all makes me feel,
understand what I'm trying to tell you?

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