Monday, 14 September 2009


Understand - my ego is huge as the universe,
but more fragile than egg shells and butterfly wings.
So if you love me, tell it loud
for me (and all the world) to hear.
Declare it on each breath,
as many times daily as your heart
pumps it around your being,
so I can take your words
and weave a gossamer cloak of reassurance -
a trembling shift, fine as mist
but stronger than a knight's steel shell,
made so because you spoke it.

If you have affection, show me clear
as my cat who, chest rumbling joyful
at the sight of me, brushes love firm with her
fur-fuelled greeting. Pads paws to toes, knees, face,
and when I lay,
assumes my back as her throne,
lazes regal, from my shoulders to waist,
her demonstration that she owns me
just as well as I do her.

If you love me, love, then testify.

1 comment:

  1. This is my favourite of all the poems I have seen of yours...I feel one with it.