Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Go well

This is for you, Umm Junayd.  Travel safe, and make sure you come back!

---journey home---
tread soft, sweet pilgrim,

soft, but sure

follow your intentions to the place they lead

let them be your map to that sacred place

you only needed come so far from home

to find the love within your soul

to reveal that love that makes you whole

you came to seek His Love

how beautiful you are, dear sister

humbled and awed, a child once more

among a family you have always known

but never before seen on such a scale

your tears trail, 

unheeded as the dust they displace

travel apparent on your face

leaves a trace that is rendered as nothing

by the light that shines through

your joy emanates, pure, inevitable, true

how could you know

what your soul had forgotten? 

memory stolen, but in mercy - 

the only way you could leave the perfection

of that garden where we all began

His Love - such Love

bathing each white robe, each beard, each shawl

the bond so strong

will you ever be able to come home again?

1 comment:

  1. You know, this poem still moves me to tears, and I'm missing the Ka'bah SO much right now... :'(