Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Poetic Pilgrimage at Rich Mix

The 4th day of July, and a night with Poetic Pilgrimage rocking the house, and showing what it really means to be independent - of narrow expectations, misconceptions, and any other obstacle that could potentially hold them back.

It was a night of brilliance supreme - they blazed, truly.

If you don't already know Poetic Pilgrimage, what's taken you so long?! 
Check 'em out - they are amazing.

(double click on pics for full size)

Go well

This is for you, Umm Junayd.  Travel safe, and make sure you come back!

---journey home---
tread soft, sweet pilgrim,

soft, but sure

follow your intentions to the place they lead

let them be your map to that sacred place

you only needed come so far from home

to find the love within your soul

to reveal that love that makes you whole

you came to seek His Love

how beautiful you are, dear sister

humbled and awed, a child once more

among a family you have always known

but never before seen on such a scale

your tears trail, 

unheeded as the dust they displace

travel apparent on your face

leaves a trace that is rendered as nothing

by the light that shines through

your joy emanates, pure, inevitable, true

how could you know

what your soul had forgotten? 

memory stolen, but in mercy - 

the only way you could leave the perfection

of that garden where we all began

His Love - such Love

bathing each white robe, each beard, each shawl

the bond so strong

will you ever be able to come home again?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

-- they fell --

tonight the stars fell from the sky

rained down, terrified, tails ablaze

liquid fire, studding the smouldering earth


could not withstand

the gravitational pull

of the planet

Newton’s discovery made potent

by the world’s misery combined


and as the final drop of hope

dried to a grain of despair

the heavens were overwhelmed


some say they did not fall –

they jumped; dove head-first

to their extinction

ancient witnesses grown weary of all they saw

seeking only to find a way

to end

their nightly visions


all i want
is a room
in which to sit
accompanied only
by the silence
of the dark

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Not on course

Sunset approach, full window view
cobalt, steel, and cotton sky.
Leaves shiver and spring,
teasing songs form the wind
as it rifles through,
chilling their veins,
every hair stood taut,
micro-shocks at this intrusion.

KOL and Karima both play with my head
where Robeson and Jackson have already planted
rich, deep kisses of melody and bass.

Awake before the sun even considered,
a day of toil - effectively shirked
in favour of musical re-education -
sweet soul, gospel, folk and blues
(awe the default)
every note, pure captivation.

Must stop that. Start this. Focus.

--The rain started--

I don't know how not to let
infatuation obfuscate
my vision, misted from the first moment
you pressed
your hand
into mine
(so soft)
and smiled


I lay open this wager
to anyone claiming rationality:
that should they,
just for some short seconds,
become me (no, really)
see you as right now I see,
would find themselves no longer free
to claim refuge with reason.
Fingers pricked, bleeding, would turn,
leave this Zuleikha to her fallacy.

My will lies fathoms deep
no chance of breath.
Patient (almost) unto death.
Faith forming bubbles of hope
drifting to the surface.